I co-founded Bevy One, a digital product design and development company, with my brother in late 2007. Over the years, as the CEO, I have been fortunate enough to have worked on some very inspiring projects alongside some very creative people.

In 2018, I took on the responsibility of advising our clients on brand positioning, user experience & route-to-market strategies. I now independently consult entrepreneurs and startups to create high impact value for their brand, their audience and society.

Consulting Services

User Experience (UX) Strategy

Creation of a UX strategy to help the design team build a digital product that users want. A detailed plan aligning your brand identity with the desired user experience at every customer touchpoint.

Direct to Consumer

Ecommerce is growing. I create a Direct to Consumer (D2C) business model for brands to maximize growth. This is a low barrier-to-entry strategy with a focus on profitability & long-term sustainability.

Digital Sustainability

The web accounts for 4% of global carbon emissions. This number is rising quickly. Following the Sustainable Web Manifesto, I help brands create digital products that are good for people and the planet.

Social Purpose

Consumers are increasingly choosing brands that take a moral stance. I work with brands to identify and define their social purpose; along with an action plan to deliver positive social impact.